ACC Bendix



H. V. Hrvatinića 40, 32100 Vinkovci

Working hours

mon - fri: 08:00 - 20:00

sat: 08:00 - 13:00


  • General inspection

  • Service inspection

  • Oil change

  • Diagnostic

  • Braking system

  • Vulcanization

  • Optics/geometry

  • Shock absorbers

  • Clutch

  • Electronics

  • Battery servicing

  • Servicing air conditioners

  • Exhaust

  • Service of commercial vehicles

About the service

ACC Benedix is located in the center of the City of Vinkovci.
The workshop is fully equipped, with all tools and equipment for the maintenance of motor vehicles, both personal and light commercial vehicles. In addition to regular mechanical and electrical works, Bendix performs maintenance and repairs of air conditioners, vulcanization, tire changes, optics adjustments and adjustments of chassis alignment. Also, ACC Bendix offers a wide range of tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.