ACC Klarić


Velika Gorica

Klarići 12, 10410 Velika Gorica

Working hours

mon - fri: 08:00 - 17:00

sat: 08:00 - 13:00


General inspection

Service inspection

Oil change


Towing service

Braking system



Shock absorbers



Battery servicing

Servicing air conditioners


Car glass

Tire storage


Tinsmith and varnishing works

Sheet metal work platform


Communication system

Welcoming and transport service for persons

Servis gospodarskih vozila

Turbocharger service

Camp house servicing

Camp trailer servicing

Scooter servicing

Motorcycle servicing

About the service

The ACC Klarić car repair workshop is a beautiful story of a family business. The service is run by the Klarić brothers, and their sons are already working in the shop. The workshop has a long tradition of providing suspension and chassis maintenance of motor vehicles. To this day, replacing shock absorbers, tie rods, and chassis alignment are their favorite types of jobs.

They are equipped with a Bosch KTS vehicle diagnostic device, a device for testing shock absorbers as well as a special tool for assembling shock absorbers, a device for testing and changing the brake fluid, testing the battery as well as a state-of-the-art device for the machining of brake discs on the vehicle, as well as various other specialized tools. For shorter vehicle repairs, the customer can wait in the workshop and have a cup of coffee, while for larger repairs, they offer transportation at the customer’s request. ACC Klarić works on the principle of teamwork, which contributes to a fast and quality repair service for all types of vehicles and is the result of many years of work and experience.