ACC Mravunac



Novaki Petrovinski 7/i, 10450 Jastrebarsko

Working hours

mon - fri: 08:00 - 17:00

sat: 08:00 - 14:00


General inspection

Service inspection

Oil change


Towing service

Braking system



Shock absorbers



Battery servicing

Servicing air conditioners


Car glass

Tire storage


Tinsmith and varnishing works

Sheet metal work platform


Communication system

Welcoming and transport service for persons

Servis gospodarskih vozila

Car hi-fi system

Mobile warranty

Navigation system


Turbocharger service

Trailer repairs

Camp house servicing

Camp trailer servicing

About the service

Thanks to many years of successful work, the ACC Mravunac workshop has been modernized and equipped with quality and top tools. It has diagnostics tools that can be used to diagnose failures on all types of vehicles.

ACC Mravunac also prepares vehicles for technical inspections on an inspection line that was installed in the workshop in 2009. Customers can also get an Euroherc insurance policy and all-risk insurance policies for all types of vehicles. In this workshop, customers can get repairs related to mechanics, bodywork, optics, ECO test, charging, repair and servicing of air conditioners. We also carry out the vulcanization of tires and tire storage until next season. During vehicle repairs, customers can enjoy refreshments in the comfortable atmosphere of the workshop, read a paper, watch TV, or request to be taken home.

We try to follow the latest trends in vehicle maintenance, which is why we have entered the network of ACC workshops. We hope that from now on we will make even more progress in our work, gaining experience and new knowledge, and contribute to faster and better services of our workshop.