About us

The Tokić Company offers more than 230 brands of the world`s largest car parts manufacturers, and that includes all types of passenger cars and light freight cars. Together with our franchise partners, we are the biggest selling chain of car parts in Croatia. Through a network of a hundred outlet stores in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer more than 200.000 various articles in all categories of products.

All of our suppliers meet the highest international standards of quality and safety (ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO/TS 16949 etc.), and most of them manufacture car parts for the first installation.


Our vision, as leaders in the industry, is to give a maximum contribution to the good working order of cars and to the safety of drivers and vehicles, that is, to the well-being of today`s society as a whole. We create a significant company which, along with its customers, makes its employees happy and satisfied. Our goal is to build a company which will at the same time be innovative when it comes to technology, and traditional when it comes to human respect. Our long-term vision is to become the leader in the region, with orientation towards export to foreign markets and creating additional value.


We invest all our knowledge, experience and efforts in order to satisfy all the needs of automechanic shops and car owners during repairs and regular motor vehicle maintenance. We carry out that goal by offering a wide assortment of always available products, through a wide-spread branch of outlet stores and the accessibility of our products to all customers. In the process, we add special attention to the constant supply of high quality products and services we offer, long-standing experience and professionalism of our staff, and an outgoing relationship with our customers.


  • Long-term customer satisfaction
  • Product quality guarantee
  • Wide product range
  • Employee expertise
  • Integrity and honesty


  • A private company, 100% property of the Tokić family
  • 100+ outlet stores throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • More than 400 employees
  • More than 200.000 different articles
  • More than 230 popular product brands
  • Total income in 2017 more than 520 milion kuna



  • 1990. – the founding of the Tokić Company Ltd. and the opening of the first outlet stores
  • 2000. – the company counts 10 outlet stores in Zagreb, independently imports 50% of sales program and 30% of sales assortment with the O.E. quality
  • 2002. – 2004. – company`s new visual identity is created and substantial funds are invested in an advanced information technology
  • 2004. – 80% of the sales assortment is of the first instalment quality
  • 2005. – a new franchise business model is implemented, new outlet stores are opened in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2008. – the Tokić Company Ltd. becomes a member and a shareholder of the ATR International AG
  • 2012. – the company counts 14 outlet stores in Zagreb and 71 outlet stores in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2013. – the implementation of the Auto Check Center (ACC) network in Croatia
  • 2014. – the TEC – Tokić Educational Center is opened within the new Tokić Company Ltd. administration building
  • 2014. – 100 outlet stores throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2015. – Implementation of loyalty program – Tokić card. Moto and truck program was introduced. Call Center


Name: TOKIĆ, trade, import-export, representing and production, limited liability company
Abbreviated name: TOKIĆ d.o.o.
Headquarter: Ulica 144. brigade Hrvatske vojske 1a, 10360 Sesvete
Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under MBS 080313914

Bank accounts:

  • Erstesteiermarkische bank, Jadranski trg 3, Rijeka. IBAN: HR8524020061100079669
  • Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička cesta 42, Zagreb. IBAN: HR7023400091100194212
  • Zagrebačka Banka, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, Zagreb. IBAN: 2623600001102446321

Business identification number (VAT)
: HR74867487620
Registration number: 3602257

Equity capital: 234.700.000,00 KN (kuna) paid in full

Management board: Ivan Gadže – director

Supervisory board: Ilija Tokić – president, Stojan Tokić, Tomislav Tokić, Ivan Beljan, Andrej Grubišić


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