Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

električna i hibridna vozila

Electric and hybrid vehicles represent the future of mobility in the years to come. They are slowly but surely assuming their rightful place in traffic. The seminar participants will be introduced to the design, function and mode of operation of propulsion systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. The participants will be introduced to high and low voltage power systems, their function, types of energy storage and charging systems, types of electric and hybrid drive systems. Participants will also learn how to safely turn off the high-voltage system using special tools and equipment, as well as how to use vehicle charging stations.

Seminar goals: 

  •  The participants acquire the necessary knowledge and a broader insight into the construction of electric and hybrid vehicles 
  • Participants will be familiarized with energy storage and battery charging technology 
  • Participants will be familiarized with the safety procedures when working on high-voltage circuits 


  • Types of electric and hybrid vehicles  
  • Advantages and differences compared to conventional vehicles  
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles – principles of operation and construction  
  • Types of hybrid drives and types of power supply  
  • Methods and types of charging  
  • Methods and types of storage of el. power – types of batteries, range of movement with the battery  
  • High voltage safety measures and procedures  
  • Overview of equipment and tools for working with high-voltage systems  
  • Procedure for safe shutdown of high voltage circuits  

Seminar duration: 2 days Maximum number of participants: 15 Available dates: 08.09. Price: 1,200 HRK+ VAT = 1,500 HRK * The dates of the seminars are subject to change in case of extraordinary circumstances. We will inform all registered participants about any changes in the schedule in a timely manner.