CAN/LIN bus communication

Can bus

A modern vehicle has become “smart” and has the ability to adapt to situations faster than the driver can make an assessment and decision. Today, all vehicle on-board systems are networked and communicate with each other over an internal network. We teach the participants quality diagnostics of the CAN-bus network and the CAN communication principles.  

Seminar goals:

  • The participants are able to properly test the CAN/LIN bus communication network 
  • The participants quickly and efficiently diagnose network or control unit faults 
  • The participants know how to measure the communication and draw the correct conclusions on the state of the communication based on the measurement results 


  • Communication network operating principles  
  • Identification of components and control units in the communication network  
  • Measuring online communication, physical variables and their interpretation 
  • Principle and operation of information transmission  
  • CAN B (comfort) principle of network operation  
  • Faulty CAN B network diagnostics  
  • CAN C (drive) principle of network operation  
  • Faulty CAN C network diagnostics  
  • LIN Bus operating principle  
  • Faulty LIN Bus network diagnostics  

Seminar duration: 2 days Maximum number of participants: 15 Available dates: 13.10. Price: 1.440 HRK + VAT = 1.800 HRK * The dates of the seminars are subject to change in case of extraordinary circumstances. We will inform all registered participants about any changes in the schedule in a timely manner.