Air conditioning system

Klima sustav

Air conditioning systems protect against high outside temperatures and affect the air quality that we breathe in the vehicle. They have been a part of the basic equipment of vehicles for years now. Proper and regular maintenance of the air conditioning system is of the utmost importance. The participants of the seminar will learn how to quickly and efficiently diagnose and eliminate faults in air-conditioning systems.  

Seminar goals:   

  • Participants are able to diagnose faults in air conditioning system correctly and quickly 
  • Quality maintenance of air conditioning systems 
  • Draws conclusions about the functioning of the system based on the measured pressures 
  • The participants will be familiarized with environmental protection regulations and rules of personal protection when working on an air conditioning system 


  • Vehicle air conditioning system operating principle  
  • Explanation of high and low pressure  
  • Principle of operation and functions of major components  
  • Diagnostics of air conditioning systems  
  • Input variables that affect the operation and efficiency of the air conditioning system  
  • Measuring pressure and interpreting measurements  
  • Testing the efficiency of the air conditioning system  
  • Proper maintenance and working with the air conditioning station  
  • Legal provisions on environmental protection  
Seminar duration: 1 day (8 h) Maximum number of participants: 15 Available dates: 08.05. Price: 1,040 HRK + VAT = 1,300 HRK*  * The dates of the seminars are subject to change in case of extraordinary circumstances. We will inform all registered participants about any changes in the schedule in a timely manner.