Mobile game Autoslagalica

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Are you a true master? Show us how handy you are at the Tokić mobile game Autoslagalica.

First time in Tokić with the game Autoslagalica. Take mobile phone in your hands, type in the search engine, roll up your sleeves and start playing!

The goal is to install the parts in the car the fastest and most accurately. Quickly click on the fields with the brands of our suppliers. The game has three levels, and each level increases the speed of play. Check how fast you are! At the end of the game, you sign up for the rankings, it’s completely free! The top 10 gets a gift.

We are playing 5 rounds, from December 4th 2020 till January 3rd 2021.

1st round: From 4th till 6th December 2020
2nd round: From 7th till 13th December 2020
3rd round: From 14th till 20th December 2020
4th round: From 21st till 27th December 2020
5th round: From 28th December 2020 till 3rd January 2021

You can find instructions how to play here.

You can find Competition rules here.

Good luck!