Gasoline engines – injection system: conventional and direct injection

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Gasoline engines still hold a major share of the car market, and a proper approach to faults in the gasoline engine is essential for an effective repair. Seminar participants are taught to understand the principles of conventional and direct injection, as well as to properly test and measure components and to interpret them correctly.  

Seminar goals:   

  • Participants will have a broader understanding of the complexity of the conventional injection system and will be familiar with the direct injection system 
  • Participants will easily and quickly diagnose vehicle breakdowns and without doubt draw the right conclusions based on measured parameters 


  • Development of various conventional injection systems  
  • Specificities and problems of the conventional injection system  
  • Development of the direct injection system  
  • Specificities and problems of the direct injection system  
  • MPI operating principle  
  • Development of ignition systems  
  • Diagnostics of the fuel supply system  
  • Diagnostics of conventional injection systems  
  • Diagnostics of the direct injection system  
  • Diagnostics of ignition systems  
  • Testing of mechanical components  
  • Testing of hydraulic components  
  • Testing of electrical components  
  • Engine diagnostics via exhaust gas analysis  
  • Exhaust gas treatment 
Seminar duration: 2 days Maximum number of participants: 15 Available dates: 06.10. Price: 1.440 HRK + VAT = 1.800 HRK * The dates of the seminars are subject to change in case of extraordinary circumstances. We will inform all registered participants about any changes in the schedule in a timely manner.