Leading experts gathered in Zagreb: Change most often starts from the margins of the sector, and big things are happening here in the car industry today

The two-day conference of the Tokić Group brought together key stakeholders in major transformations in the automotive industry and spare parts market to jointly answer questions about mobility challenges, trends, technological and social aspects of change, and the role of humans in the whole process.

Will electric vehicles predominate in the next ten years, or will data and digitalization have the greatest impact on the development of the automotive industry? Leading European experts in the automotive industry, digital transformation, mobility, and spare parts markets gathered at the two-day conference in Zagreb “T1 Meetup: Mobility – where innovation meets tradition” organized by Tokić Group to share their experiences and predictions in the sector. The conclusion of all 30 speakers is that the seemingly traditional automotive industry is developing rapidly, but that it is necessary to listen to customers whose priorities and interests are significantly different today than 10 or 20 years ago and be open to new technologies that improve user experience.

“We have gained direct insight into the latest knowledge and trends for the next ten years of the automotive industry, with an emphasis on the safety of all road users. From the design of the car and its performance, through the quality of spare parts, to the education of experts and the harmonization of traffic legislation that must begin to follow the innovation and progress of available technologies – all these are topics we discussed with our guests in these two days. We all think we are ready for change, but whoever is the most honest and fastest, and capable, will win the market. I am proud that everyone showed us honor by coming and sharing their knowledge”, said the President of the Management Board of Tokić Ivan Gadže.

More than a third of customers are willing to pay up to 25 percent more for a sustainable solution with less environmental impact, according to a global survey of the auto industry’s largest consulting firm, Simon-Kucher.

“We already see how the value of vehicles and driving technology play a more important role in choosing a car than the price itself. Electrification and digitalization will have a significant impact on the market, with new sources of monetization such as blockchains and innovative pricing models playing a special role”, added Antoine Weill of Simon-Kucher.

“By 2030, we expect about 19 percent of electrified vehicles, which will have lower maintenance costs in the long run compared to gasoline and diesel, by up to 20 percent. But according to available estimates, the share of truly electric vehicles by then should be six percent, “said Thomas Koch, Bosch’s regional director.

Warren Espinoza, CEO of ATR International, a European group of auto parts dealers, stressed the importance of legislation when it comes to electric vehicles and the potential for remote diagnostics and repairs in the future.

“As technology advances, there will be fewer do-it-yourself repairs, while service centers and workshops will play an increasingly important role, provided they are equipped with the right technology and have trained professionals,” Espinoza explained.

The panels explained that the role of logistics and supply chain is one of the key factors and that it is especially significant that the last kilometer of delivery is always the most expensive, with a share of as much as 41 percent of the total cost. Therefore, the panelists agreed, change most often occurs on the margins of the business, where not all attention is focused, and where, when it comes to the automotive industry and mobility, technologically innovative processes are being created today.

In two days of lectures, which, in addition to three locations in Zagreb, were followed from the headquarters of Bartog in Mirna Peč, and from the IEDC Bled School of Management, experts from companies such as Toyota, Gideon Brothers, Bosch, Schaeffer, Clarios (Varta), TotalEnergies, Mahle, Microsoft, Hrvatski Telekom, Lokad, Combis, and Algebra discussed megatrends, the spare parts market, digitalization, the role of 5G technology in mobility and blockchain in logistics.

About Tokic Group

Tokić Group is a leading regional distributor of auto parts and accompanying equipment with the offer from the world’s 300 most famous brands for all types of cars and vans, and exports to 14 countries across Europe. It is represented by more than 300 thousand products in more than 140 branches throughout Croatia, and through the company Bartog with 38 branches in Slovenia.

About T1 Meetup

To present business results, further plans, and trends that affect the industry, Tokić since 2018 regularly holds strategic workshops and a series of panel discussions under the common name T1 Meetup. Entitled Mobility – where innovation meets tradition, this year’s T1 Meetup brought together the largest number of experts in the automotive industry, logistics, technology, and mobility sectors to date.