Proud sponsor of good handball and MRK Sesvete

vori rukomet

The beginning of 2021, marked by a good business perspective also brought the signing of a sponsorship agreement between the company Tokić and the handball club MRK Sesvete. In addition to the Tokić CEO Ivan Gadže and COO Ivan Šantorić the signing of the contract was attended by the President of MRK Sesvete Josip Ćurković and the Sports Director, the celebrated national team member, Igor Vori.

Just as the Tokić company originated from the local community and outgrew the idea of a small auto parts dealer, MRK Sesvete goes beyond the idea of a small handball club. Moreover, the seniors of MRK Sesvete have been playing in the Premier League for the third season, and handball school gathers more than 250 students in selections and primary schools in the area of Sesvete. There is no doubt that MRK Sesvete has a bright sports future through which, with 9 schools and 10 coaches, the entire quality of Croatian handball will surely benefit.

The development of young talented athletes from the local community is the best form of investment in society. That is why in future matches, especially in the hall of the Secondary School Jelkovec, when the conditions allow, the proud sponsor Tokić will join in the cheering.