T1 Meetup 2021 – a strategic workshop in the company of global leaders

In a positive working atmosphere, T1 Meetup brought together the Management Board and stores, Slovenia and Croatia, strategic partners and employees, who on that occasion got acquainted with the strategic direction of Tokić and Bartog.

With the opening of the all-day program by addressing the audience in Slovenian, Ivan Gadže, the CEO of the Tokić Group fulfilled his “Slovenian” promise.  He emphasized the importance of the homogeneous work of both companies and people working in Tokić and Bartog, and pointed out the value of such internal conferences.

Business presentations were opened by Ivan Šantorić, a member of the Management Board of Tokić, with sales directors Kristian Pavković and Marijo Jurišić, and export director Zoran Žeželj. Transparent business results and plans, as well as new investments and tools, connected everyone present in a common business vision.

The key is in people and technology

Representing the Special Sales Channels Department, Zvonko Bajcer rounded off the potential and great sales results of the Department of Transport Program, Tools and Service Equipment, and the growing Industrial Program. The first part of the working day ended with an open dialogue between the Management and leadership on stressful situations and the necessary steps for a successful step forward and development.

With the Kristian Pavković’s conclusion in which he confirmed that in addition to the great organization of Tokić, which is best illustrated by the numbers, the key ingredient of success is the freshness brought by new staff and new technologies that the company implements. The positive atmosphere during the conference originated from the spontaneity and open and honest approach to every topic, with participants giving statements and claims that were not learned by heart, but were developed in direct contact with the same people that now sat in the audience.

Predictions of the biggest players in the automotive industry

Three of the world’s four largest suppliers and one of the five largest tire manufacturers! This is how a panel discussion with representatives of Tokić’s strategic suppliers was announced: ATE, Bosch, and ZF, as well as Falken, which was skillfully moderated by the President of the Management Board. In addition to presentations of the activities of individual brands, there was direct talk about realistic and unrealistic plans of the automotive industry.

Also, the big shots discussed the difficulties in car production, the position of suppliers in supply chains, but also the regional situation itself. Depending on how much suppliers and their partners are exposed to transport challenges or semiconductor shortages, it could be concluded that the way out of the ‘supply and sales crisis’ is looming in 9 to 18 months, with gradual development and progress, depending on the laws of individual markets, the proximity of factories and partners.

During the T1 Meetup, a whole range of completely new services and activities to be prepared for has been listed, with the new services of telematics, remote diagnostics, but also large databases, once again in focus.

Bartog and Tokic are one

The second part of the business T1 Meetup was continued by Sašo Šimec, Chief Operating Officer of Bartog in Slovenia, who called the year ahead of us a year of transformation and challenges. However, despite the COVID-19 situation, the largest number of stores in history was opened in Slovenia, a more than ever – even five special programs were introduced, and significant organizational changes were made. All this already provides the company with significant growth at the time of integration. On behalf of the wholesale department, Primož Ramovš emphasized that Bartog and Tokić offer everything the market needs, but also expertise and transparent service and pricing policy. After him, Bartog’s new retail manager, Igor Slatinek, motivated the audience, by concluding: “I am here for a much shorter period than all of you, and I already feel at home. What makes us unique are the people. That is our advantage.”

The complete picture of the quarterly business, but also the plans, was rounded off with research, surveys, and a presentation by Sanja Marić, director of business development in Tokić. By predicting trends, but also by analyzing the existing challenges, Sanja, with the presentation of CFO Tokić, Dražen Jurković, perfectly warmed up the atmosphere for open dialogue between the management and the audience.

The question microphone flew through the rows and landed unexpectedly in the audience’s lap. In the end, this is exactly what business transparency has shown, because to an unprepared question – you can’t prepare an answer.